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Internationales Promotionskolleg der Geisteswissenschaften


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The International Postgraduate School of Humanities is a network of postgraduates and Ph.D. advisers and/or their institutions.  It was established in 2009.  Its purpose is to offer assistance during the writing process of the dissertation in addition to the support provided by existing structures (Ph.D. programmes, colloquia, etc.).  The School is still in an early stage of development.

Ph.D. candidates can apply to the School for grants covering the cost of books, travel, and printing.  The School also organizes meetings to encourage an interdisciplinary academic exchange, thus allowing candidates to broaden their horizons.

Students who have already gained a Master or Diploma qualification can find advisers and faculties here to conduct their Ph.D. studies.  Advisers can use the network to translate and/or publish papers in other countries.

The main idea of the School is to provide a structure for the often unstructured and, as a consequence, long-lasting Ph.D. study programmes in the field of Humanities and Social Sciences, with a view to shortening the duration of the programme, and improving completion rates.

Brief overview of the School’s main areas of work

Structured Ph.D. study programme

  • Support in defining a research topic
  • Support in finding a adviser/reviewer/examiner
  • Documentation and evaluation of applicable provisions in the relevant Ph.D study guides
  • General assistance: how do I write an exposť ?  Communicating with other Ph.D candidates before submitting
  • Continuous participation in teaching events of the respective faculties
  • Introduction to support structures (methodology, carrying out research in libraries)
  • Promoting interdisciplinary approaches
  • Time schedules with milestones
  • Discussion of provisional results
  • Drafting of progress reports
  • Promoting the integration of research results into the scientific discourse
  • Assistance in publishing completed research
  • Assistance in publishing Abstracts on Open Access Platforms
  • Organisation of symposiums by Ph.Dcandidates themselves
  • Opportunities to gain further interdisciplinary qualifications depending on requirements
  • Options for choosing a second reviewer/examiner late in the day
  • Travel grants
  • Information about further assistance
  • Virtual network (under construction)
  • Organisational dedication on the part of participants is welcomed

Time schedule

a) Continuous participation in colloquiums
b) Topic and Abstract (also for the website)
c) Approach/Methodology
d) Exposť

e) Search for a adviser/reviewer/examiner
f) Search for literature
g) (Field) Research (if applicable)
h) Writing
i) Submitting
j) Defence (Viva)
1st Semester     Intermediate report
2nd Semester    Intermediate report    Organisation of symposium
3rd Semester     Intermediate report
4th Semester    Intermediate report    Interdisciplinary symposium with candidates’ Ph.D topics
5th Semester    Submission

Contact: president [a t)